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Transpersonal coach...

Transpersonal coaching students Q&A  


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14/06/2017 9:28 am  

This forum is for students and practitioners of transpersonal coaching to post questions and answers about:

  • the value of transpersonal perspectives in coaching,

  • transpersonal coaching interventions and models,

  • the usefulness and/or limitations of structure and frameworks in transpersonal coaching sessions,

  • the impact of transpersonal coaching on both client and coach,

  • the importance of peer-coaching and supervision for coaches,

  • the value of integral practices and continued professional development,

  • establishing a reputable coaching business,

  • ….and similar points of interest.

All TCTN members, including students, are invited to address the questions that are posted in this forum.



  1. Exploring the value of transpersonal perspectives in coaching or therapy.
  2. Investigating the usefulness of transpersonal interventions in coaching or therapy.
  3. Engaging in conversations to inspire and motivate a transpersonal vision among coaches and therapists.
  4. Introducing and discussing transpersonal models and processes that can be applied in coaching or therapy.
  5. Sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and resources that are useful to transpersonal coaches or therapists.


  1. Only TCTN members are permitted to post in the TCTN forum. Membership is free
  2. Posts that are offensive, biased, unethical, unfair or generally negative will not be accepted.
  3. Any misconduct on the part of a member will result in that member being removed from TCTN and all their member benefits withdrawn.
  4. It is acceptable to link to published papers, articles and resources that are directly related to the topic of the forum post, however, promoting of services will not be allowed unless the service is relevant and has been granted the IACTM Stamp of Approval.

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