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Coaching for Transf...

Coaching for Transformation  


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Joined: 3 years ago
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15/07/2017 10:43 am  

Can coaching lead to transformation, or even spiritual awakening, and if so, how?


Coaching may serve as an escalator toward transformation by incorporating perspectives and processes that promote expanded (transpersonal) states of consciousness.


A transpersonal approach in coaching can help one to identify how they create their perception of reality, while establishing a widened awareness that includes a new, tangible and desirable reality, as well as ways to integrate this into one’s life.


In the 17 minute video presentation in the following link, I introduce "the 3 cornerstones of transformation in coaching" and address the following questions:

  • Can coaching lead to transformation?

  • What might such coaching processes involve?

  • Which criteria promote transformation in coaching?

  • What is the value of transpersonal perspectives?


Watch the video -


If you want to comment, or if you have any questions, or if you would like to introduce another approach that promotes transformation in coaching, please reply to this post.

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23/05/2018 5:38 am  

Jevon, I’m very interested in this and watched the video to learn more.
It interests me how we can know or learn useful things but not really follow through with the action or implement of what we know. EVEN WHEN we are aware of how beneficial this can be (for us, others and or the environment).
I come from a background in environmental education and my personal internal debate has always been around how we move from knowledge in to action – to allow for positive behaviour change. Rather than just teaching about the environment I found connecting with nature and ourselves in some way (by making time to see, feel, be, create meaning, use the 5 senses, have fun etc) makes it a personal and positive experience. Being inspired to apply what we know then comes deep from within (not from outside). When the gap between knowledge (head stuff) and action (heart and hands) is bridged it can be transformational. A deeply personal and often healing experience. With this in mind I am able to relate my experience as an environmental educator to the world of coaching.
Coaching provides a big picture/vision, makes connections and offers different perspectives and meanings, challenging rigid mindsets. By adding transpersonal facets I think we can go even deeper and make the picture wider and the heart aspect is strengthened. We are able to safely access so much more of ourselves. And in this way I feel like we can open up to more than just what is, because so much feels possible.
We are also given the tools (through transpersonal coaching) to integrate our experiences into our lives more easily or even automatically. From my experience I would say the change or transformation is experienced as a natural process as it is an intrinsic experience. And because this is so powerful...anything can happen.

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09/08/2018 12:53 pm  


Great video on Transpersonal Coaching. I have wondered for a while, and still wonder having watched the video whether there is more of a place for tunnel vision than seems to be given. 

Do you think in the right context tunnel vision can be helpful, motivating and empowering? 

My clients come to me with both a problem around their mindset, and an immediate  problem with the way they look and feel. Many people need to see some quick progress in order to maintain their confidence in the process. Would it not be useful to use some tunnel vision to plough forward and resolve some of the immediate issues - and then build on this success with positivity and open awareness. Sometimes tunnel vision can get things done quickly and efficiently with no distractions? 

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09/08/2018 1:57 pm  

You're spot in, Lisa!

There's nothing inherently 'wrong' with tunnel awareness, and as you have identified, it can be useful when one's objective is to plough forward and get the job done. Tunnel awareness is just what we need when a sabre-toothed tiger shows up. However, this type of fixated attention can be a hindrance or a limitation when we're unnecessarily stressed, as it blocks access to our emotional and social intelligence, inhibiting empathy and compassion, as well as stunting creativity and intuition.

In open awareness we can still be focused, concentrating on the task at hand, while enjoying the freedom of a far greater range of choices in terms of how we think, feel and respond.

Fight & flight mode, driven by tunnel awareness, will be there when we need it, as it is our primal reaction in emergency situations. It's gotten us to where we are today. Never the less, if we want to evolve beyond survival instincts, and be a more conscious presence in life today, then developing a more mindful way of being may benefit us and the world. It is for this reason that the practice of open awareness has been created.

Reference: /" target="true">

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10/08/2018 8:18 am  

Jessica, I'm only seeing your post now, sorry for the long wait to get a response.

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Coaching is (should be) an inside-out job. The answers are within us. The coach's job is to help us find the answers within, and to help us integrate them into our life. A transpersonal perspective adds a tremendous amount of leverage in this process. 



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