Interviews with Experts

Video recorded interviews with experts in the fields of coaching, therapy and mentoring, as well as specialists on the subjects of personal development, consciousness, psychology, mindfulness, spirituality and similar.

  • Exploring the value of a transpersonal perspective in coaching and therapy – interviews filmed at the 2018 European Transpersonal Association Conference in St Petersburg:

Serge Beddington-Behrens, Ph.D – transpersonal psychotherapist, past life and couples therapist, educator and corporate coach.

Jure Biechonski – counselor and creator of THA (Transpersonal Hypno-Analysis)

  • To follow, six interviews exploring the value of a transpersonal perspective in coaching and therapy – filmed at the 2017 International Transpersonal Conference in Prague:

Jorge Ferrer, PhD – Author of ‘Revisioning Transpersonal Theory: A Participatory Vision of Human Spirituality‘ and ‘Participation and the Mystery: Transpersonal Essays in Psychology, Education, and Religion‘, as well as the coeditor of ‘The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious‘.

Bernadette Blin, PhD – Psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, gestalt-therapist and breathwork practitioner.

Regina Hess, PhD – Clinical psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, researcher and international speaker.

Magdalena Smieszek, PhD – International human rights scholar, practitioner and educator.

Jessica Bockler, PhD and Les Lancaster, PhD – Directors at Alef Trust.

Hennie Geldenhuys, MD – Integrated Health Practitioner, Family Physician and Transpersonal Coach. 

  • Creativity and Mindfulness – pathways to growth
    Interview with Dr Jessica Bockler – Applied Theatre Practitioner and Transpersonal Psychologist.

More videos coming soon…watch this space!

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