The International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM) provides the following three services:

The LIVE Foundation

The IACTM FoundationWe create opportunities for positive change by providing free education and resources to volunteers involved in humanitarian work.

LIVE is a nonprofit branch of IACTM that makes courses and workshops as well as useful services and products freely available to those who are actively making a positive difference in the world. These volunteers may make a wish for any of the IACTM Approved Resources, then we seek funding from Sponsors to make their wish come true. Read more…

IACTM Accreditation

IACTM AccreditationWe accredit ethical and authentic professionals in the fields of coaching, therapy, mentoring and training. The IACTM accredited professionals are endorsed, supported and showcased in our Directory.

This branch of IACTM is overseen by an independent self regulating body of professional coaches, therapists, mentors and trainers supported by a Board of Advisors. Ethics, authenticity and transparency are our core premises. Read more…

IACTM Stamp of 

International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)Providers of personal and professional development resources can enhance their credibility with the IACTM Stamp of Approval.

Getting our Stamp of Approval means that the course, event, product or service meets the IACTM Standard of Excellence. All the IACTM Approved Resources are eligible for selection by the LIVE Foundation’s beneficiaries, in which case they are paid for with the funds provided by Sponsors. Read more…