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Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN)Members of the Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN) are listed below:

TCTN is a network of coaches and therapists, as well as educators and students of coaching and therapy who value and integrate transpersonal (spiritual) perspectives in their work.

The purpose of this network is to engage in conversations, plus share ideas, knowledge, experiences and resources via the TCTN Forum.

If you are interested in becoming a TCTN member (free), please follow our application instructions.

Aaron, Sami – USA
Allmrodt, Jana
– Italy
Balaraman, Sarweeswary – Malaysia
Bezuidenhout, Susan – South Africa
Bockler, Jessica (PhD) – UK
Bradley, Sue – UK
Brouwers, Mark – Netherlands
Burnside, Annie – USA
Button, Mika – South Africa
Clark, Bob – Canada
Coca, Margarita – Netherlands
Coetzee, Francois – South Africa
Dangeli, Jevon (MSc) – Italy/South Africa
Degaust, Ronda – Canada
De Vitto, Jules – USA
Fernandes Lemos Bonin, Carolina – Germany
Ferrer, Jorge (PhD) – USA/Spain
Fraser, Judy – UK
Freinkel, Paul (M.D. PhD) – South Africa
Friedman, Harris (PhD) – USA
Funke, Michelle – South Africa
Geldenhuys, Hennie (M.D.) – South Africa
Groenewald, Deon – South Africa
Grof, Stan (M.D. PhD) – USA/Czech Republic
Hall, Zelda (MSc) – The Netherlands
Hanson, Chiaku – USA
Hartelius, Glen (PhD) – USA
Hollingsworth, Juliet – UK
Jayne, Tabitha – UK
Jordan, Robin – UK
Kegen, Arie – Israel
Kerr, Dan – Germany
Kieswetter, Naomi – South Africa
Kimaryo, Scholastica (MSc) – Tansania
Kumar, Nawneet – India
Lancaster, Brian Les (PhD) – UK
Lawler-Lunn, Ava Jean – Canada
Linders, Ellis (MSc) – UK
Lipschitz, David (PhD) – USA 
Lorimer, David (MA)
– UK
Lukoff, David (PhD) – USA
Maiteny, Paul (PhD) – UK
Maurel, Stephanie – Mauritius 
Moss, Joanne
– South Africa
Murray, Wallace – Canada
Nalendra, Alguskha – Indonesia
Overdurf, John – USA
Owusu, Abraham Lincoln – Ghana
Petrosian, Ani – Ukraine
Refaat, Mohamed – Egypt
Rowan, John (PhD)
– UK
Russell, Tamara (PhD) – UK
Shields, Daniel – South Africa
Smith, Robert – USA
Stalling, Britta – Germany/South Africa
Stork, Johnny – Canada
Stumbrys, Tadas (PhD) – Lithuania
Suissa, Dagmar – Czech Republic
Swart, Charl – Thailand
Talbot, Jane – UK
Tarnas, Richard (PhD) – USA
Taylor, Steve (PhD) – UK
Theo, Nicholas – USA
Thomas, Donna – UK
Thompson, Robert – UK
Trafford, Kate – UK
Van Raaig, Peter – UK
Varrasso, Dominic – Australia
Weeber, Nico – South Africa
Whitehead, Shelley – UK
Wright, Stephen (MSc) – UK

The list above includes, but is not limited to the IACTM accredited coaches and therapists.

Honorary members:

Only TCTN members are permitted to post in the TCTN Forum.      Membership is free

Anyone with an interest in the transpersonal approach may post in the TCTN Facebook Group.

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