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The LIVE FoundationWe create opportunities for the people who contribute their time and energy to humanitarian aid or environmental sustainability.

LIVE Foundation

The LIVE Foundation makes useful education and resources freely available to those who want to make a difference!


Coaching for PeaceCoaching for Peace

In response to the war in Ukraine, the LIVE Foundation is calling on coaches to provide free coaching to the people who are directly involved in caring for the victims of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

We will endeavour to link suitable coaches with recipients who can benefit from this coaching opportunity.

If you are a qualified and experienced coach who would like to be involved in this initiate, please read the details and apply via this form.

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The IACTM Foundation
When someone is helped to update their internal map of reality, new possibilities and opportunities become available to them. Furthermore, by changing one’s personal experience of reality, their effect on others and the world changes. This is how important each of us are in the lives of others and how valuable everyone is to the world.


We aim to make a difference to those who are out there making a difference by providing free education for educators, help for helpers and healing for healers! Those in need rely on the time, effort, expertise and resilience of those who are able and available to care for them. If the carers are not cared for, then they will become less able and available to those in need. We care about the wellbeing of those who are in need through caring for the carers.

The IACTM Foundation

Our mission is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s conviction: Education is the most powerful force which you can use to change the world.

We strive to create opportunities for positive change through educating and empowering humanitarian aid volunteers. We do so by making their choice of the IACTM Approved Resources available for free.


We envisage a more harmonious and thriving society that offers hope for all living beings and future generations.

How we make it happen:

The IACTM FoundationWe test and evaluate courses and training programs, as well as services and products that provide relevant knowledge, teach useful skills or offer support in the helping and healing contexts. Those that meet the IACTM Standard of Excellence become eligible for the IACTM Stamp of Approval. Volunteers who are committed to helping disadvantaged or destitute people are in a position to make a wish for the IACTM approved resources that would best serve their humanitarian endeavours. These volunteers are listed as the IACTM beneficiaries, along with their wished for resources.

We then seek to make the beneficiary’s wish come true through providing them with the resources of their choice for free. To achieve this we run an ongoing fund raising campaign. The LIVE Foundation pays the approved resource providers with the donated funds that it receives. 100% of our donated funds go to this cause.

LIVE Foundation South Africa - children receiving beanies and scarves

The resources that have been wished for by the LIVE beneficiaries are listed alongside each beneficiary’s profile photo. This enables potential sponsors to choose a beneficiary and see how they will be helping them, as well as how much they would need to donate in order for the beneficiary to receive their chosen resource. If the amount that they would like to donate is less than the cost of the beneficiary’s desired resource, then we will add their contribution to a pool of funds, which will then be used to invest in the particular resources that the beneficiaries have wished for.

All donated funds are reflected in our live campaign progress indicator on the right of all pages of this website. The beneficiaries who have received their wished for resources are featured with their Sponsor(s) on this website’s Made a Difference page. In this way all incoming funds and the resources that they pay for are transparent to the public. Anyone can see how much we get and how much we give.

Donations of any size are welcomed and appreciated. Those who donate a sum of money in excess of $100 or discount their approved resource by at least $100 are showcased as sponsors on all pages of this website and in our media campaigns. We are truly grateful to our sponsors (big and small) for their generous contributions, as this is what enables LIVE to fulfil its mission.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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(LIVE is a registered Nonprofit Organisation in South Africa: 46-370-npo)