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Transformational Ve...

Transformational Verse  


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25/04/2019 10:59 am  
Poems, like all words, have a way of saying things beyond what is said about them in a dictionary. 
I'm fascinated by verse that sets out to explore the transpersonal, the spiritual, or our humanness. 
My particular interest, from my hypnotherapy training, is how poetry written in a the indirectly focused fill-in-your-own-dots Ericksonian style, can be a tool for consciousness exploration. 
For example, Steve Taylor ( ) is well known in transpersonal circles for his poetry on spiritual emergence. And others, like David Whyte ( ). Or ee Cummings for that matter. Or even the lyrics of Eminem.
There are many others undoubtedly.  Poetry lovers, what else? 
And how about using poetry in some or another form or way in a coaching session, as a tool to alter a state of consciousness, or just for our own growth? 
If metaphors or story telling is useful, verse can be too, don't you think? 
Here's an example of what I may mean:
Holding a Space
Note to a client
We know not how, in which way, it came to be, or not, that you
and I, and who knows who or what else, sit, here, now, in this single space.
Perhaps a purple voice, soft, on the shifting sharpened multi-edge of reason, drew us, in; 
seductively surreptitious sirens from Twilight, deepening dark, or fore glow, or bright wake,
maybe, maybe not, yes, but also no, that's just about right, right here, and now.
Beingness emerges from packed spaces, in between, as in as out above us as below.
I see you in the dawning on the whispers of the greens of the grass and 
in the dusk of the star: Venus, in more ways than one, the goddess star, you know what I mean, don't you? 
in the prints born burnt into my fingers, tips, the outing of the inning kiss of soft breath air on moist lips blessed with just the right words in just the right way.
This your space, your sacred place, it's the coming to be, and mine to hold, only, 
carefully, gingerly but tight. 
And thank you.
(written by Hennie Geldenhuys)
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