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ASE and other heali...

ASE and other healing modalities  


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Joined: 9 months ago
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09/04/2019 11:34 am  

I'd love to hear what other's think of tools or processes that seem to do "the work" for you?

For example, going to a psychic, or energy healing such as reiki and kinesiology. I love these modalities myself, from time to time, and there's something so comforting about lying on a healing bed and having someone else "do the work" (while my conscious mind gets to check out a little). 🙂

How do we know when we are allowing a deep unconscious healing process, that requires minimal conscious effort; versus checking out of our responsibility to do the work and becoming dependent on external "crutches"?

I am interested in incorporating modalities such as tarot and colour mirrors into my coaching, as projective techniques and story-telling opportunity (tarot images evoke powerful insights and projections which give clues into the psyche). They can also be positive visual and sensory anchors for outcome states. But what are the risks of doing this? One possible risk could be in creating dependence on an outside object.

Look forward to insights and thoughts.


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09/04/2019 1:02 pm  

Interesting thoughts  

One of the joys of transpersonal work is that it has room for a range of modalities. And they can all be true, all be valid, all be useful, and at the same time not valid, not true and not useful at all. The solution to this paradox, to me, is that everything ultimately is a metaphor, a model, something that reflects something else. There is no absolute, no only way. And therefore all ways are the way. For one person, a psychic medium may resonate  and for another  Reiki, and if alien abductions do it for you, who am I to argue? 

As Transpersonalists, we love to explore all sorts of things, don't we?Relativism does not equal worthlessness, and we're open to embrace whatever medium helps us in our growth  

Here's the thing though. When working with a client, I am acutely aware of how my stuff can get in the way of my client's stuff. Maybe tarot cards have one meaning for you, but a completely different meaning for your client. Then the outcome is for you  and not your client. If all things have metaphorical value, then we need to be very sensitive to what metaphors we present to our clients. Or rather, what metaphors they present to us to work with on their behalf.


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Joined: 9 months ago
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09/04/2019 1:17 pm  

Thanks so much, Hennie, I really appreciate this considered response. I agree with things like tarot cards, and a colour modality called Colour Mirrors that I also love and am exploring. We can risk being the "knowers of the symbols" where in fact the magic comes in the unfolding of the metaphor as with a dream. With tarot, the images themselves are so rich in metaphoric content, and I love to allow clients to choose their own cards. Or to allow the serendipity of the cards that fall, and use them, as with a dream, to explore subconscious meaning. It really is this balancing act between being the holder of the knowledge of the symbol versus the guide into the transpersonal, inner world through the vehicle of the symbol. It is a paradox I have not yet completely integrated comfortably. Perhaps discomfort is a good thing, here 🙂



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