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Primordial Sound Me...

Primordial Sound Meditation towards Transpersonal Experience Eradicating the Ego challenge  


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21/01/2019 7:13 pm  

Many ego focused challenges can be eradicated by going beyond our normal acceptance of who we are to an acceptance that we are part of Universal Consciousness to which and within which we are all integrally connected. It is the split we perceive between us and everyone else and our situations that causes many of the problems in our lives.

Once that connection to the Universal is realised intellectually and experienced using a transpersonal method then most problems disintegrate.

I have had transpersonal peak experiences and expanded states of consciousness through Holotropic Breathwork and various Meditation practices.

In this post and forum I would like to focus on my Primordial Sound Mediation PSM practice a mantra based practice with its origin in Vedanta. I practiced this since 2005 and became a certified instructor in 2013.

It is a mantra meditation practice taught by Deepak Chopra (2016/7) with Vedanta origin and includes an explanation of seven states of consciousness which can be experienced.

PSM Practitioners have transpersonal experiences beyond the conditioned ego conscious mind connecting the individual to the universal. Similarly, in open awareness and transpersonal expanded states the consciousness expands to the realisation that there is no subject object split and all there is, is the universal and each of us a reflection of the same.  The result is a transcendence beyond the ego conscious conditioned mind and an evolution towards the Universal.

There is then a recognising of these states of consciousness in everyday lives and this experience expands the individuals’ conscious awareness with dramatic changes in perspective or perception of circumstances or situations etc. In this way ‘real life problems’ are recognised beyond the individual ego and in a greater holistic context resolving the problem.




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