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Exploring the value...

Exploring the value of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy  


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10/02/2019 6:16 am  

A brief introduction, followed by questions for discussion in the forum:

What is transpersonal hypnotherapy?

Transpersonal hypnotherapy supports you in resolving limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, negative reactions and destructive behaviours. This holistic and integrative form of hypnotherapy can be beneficial for personal development and healing, as well as for performance enhancement in any context, including resolving relationships issues too.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy includes the methods and objectives of traditional and Ericksonian hypnotherapy, but it takes a more holistic and integrative approach to nurturing client growth and transformation. This is achieved through individually tailored processes that help clients to identify what provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose, while supporting them to find ways of expressing this in their work, their personal life and within relationships.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy draws on the transcendent quality of consciousness in a pragmatic way that empowers people in the contexts of their everyday lives.  This can be considered as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual approach to hypnotherapy that helps clients resolve issues concerning the body, mind, relationships and spirituality.

A unique aspect of the transpersonal hypnotherapy approach is that it enables practitioners to identify and leverage the non-ordinary states of consciousness and transpersonal phenomena which readily occur in therapy, but are often undetected or misunderstood if the practitioner has not learned about the transpersonal approach.

Questions for discussion in the forum: 

  1. What is transpersonal hypnotherapy and how does it compare to, as well as, vary from traditional (or other styles of) hypnotherapy?

  2. What is the value of a transpersonal perspective in hypnotherapy?

  3. What are transpersonal phenomena and how might they be similar or, different from some of the hypnotic phenomena.

  4. How might a transpersonal hypnotherapy practitioner help a client to overcome the negative effects of a traumatic memory?

Other points relating to transpersonal hypnotherapy welcome for discussion too.


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30/04/2019 9:06 am  

Are you looking for effective results in a few sessionsTranspersonal hypnotherapy is brief with long lasting results. 

While it includes traditional and Ericksonian hypnotherapy methods as well as individually tailored processes, transpersonal hypnotherapy can be distinguished from many other styles of hypnotherapy by its attendance to the spiritual dimension of life.  The term “transpersonal” comes from the Greek “trans,” which means beyond or through, and “persona,” which means mask.  Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a holistic approach which values the entire person.  By definition, transpersonal is the crossing of mind, body and spirit or soul, and transpersonal techniques make us aware of our spirit beyond our social conditioning, our masks. 

In traditional hypnotherapy practice, the aim is to re-programme the unconscious mind.  Transpersonal hypnotherapy aims to increase awareness through de-programming the unconscious mind in order to go beyond personality.  Once personality has been transcended, better access to the higher mind and intuition can be achieved, and the inner resources of the unconscious mind can be tapped.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy practitioners use a holistic approach in which the body, mind, soul and spirit of their clients are taken into consideration.  Practitioners are able to identify, and work with, the non-ordinary states of consciousness and transpersonal phenomena that occur in therapy, and which are often misunderstood and undetected if the practitioner has not learned about the transpersonal approach. 

With transpersonal hypnotherapy a drive towards wholeness is recognised.  The practice empowers clients in the context of their daily life by helping to them to connect with their inner wisdom and intuition in order to resolve issues that concern the body, mind, relationships and spirituality.  They are able to access new ways of thinking and being in the world and can then integrate new, widened and resourceful perspectives into all facets of their lives - at work, in their personal life and within their relationships.  With increased awareness around negative personal and societal programming comes the awareness of choice to keep or reject these old programmes.  When the choice is made to reject old programmes, undesirable patterns are de-programmed, and this leads to a fuller and more intuitive experience of spirit. 

What you think you are is a belief to be undone, because ….

“Whatever you think you are, you are so much more than that, because you can do more than that!” ~ Jevon Dangeli

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27/07/2019 2:18 pm  

In my view, it is essential for the therapist to be completely in the Now with the client, fully present and engaged with the current experience the client is having, while displaying hypnotic empathy.  As Erickson stated, “Hypnosis is not a process of taking control of people. It’s a process of giving them control of themselves.” (Grinder & Bandler, 1981).

Talking about other styles of hypnotherapy, my experience with hypnosis relates to past life regression and between lives regression. Personally, I have found them to allow immense transpersonal healing, almost like an awakening of the spirit, and feeling liberated. This is usually experienced when the recipient is in a state of total surrender and allowing it to be, without judgement.  Additionally, Mantras, Mindfulness Mediation and hypnotic suggestions (such as I am Calm and In Control of Self)  are expanding globally.

The question is could these be considered as forms of transpersonal hypnosis? 


This post was modified 4 months ago by Beljeet

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28/07/2019 9:41 am  

Beljeet, thanks for your contribution to the forum.

I would certainly consider the examples of hypnotic phenomena that you have shared, including the principles that underpin them, to be within the domain of transpersonal hypnosis.

Transpersonal hypnosis not only includes other methods in addition to facilitating past life regression and between lives regression, but also relies on distinct techniques to facilitate healing and transformation less than traditional hypnosis. Transpersonal hypnosis is largely based on the open awareness perspective that the practitioner brings to the session - which positively infuses the therapeutic relationship with the client and helps to establish a liminal space in which healing and transformation can occur more naturally for the client.

At our transpersonal hypnosis courses, we teach practitioners how to establish open awareness in sessions while including the following presuppositions:

  1. Mind-Body-Spirit is one holistic system.
  2. All hypnotherapy interventions should lead to integration and wholeness.
  3. Self actualization is the process of unveiling who we already are on more intrinsic levels.
  4. Personal problems are linked to limited self-concepts and narrowed modes of perception, thus –
  5. Expanding one’s self-concept and opening one’s mode of perception can be generative and transformative.
  6. All human beings are more than they think they are, therefore they are capable of more than they think.
  7. How we perceive and relate to people, influences their perceptions and capabilities in our presence.
  8. All states are constantly changing, therefore we always have the choice to change how we experience any situation.
  9. Everyone and all phenomena are interconnected on some level(s), and it is possible to experience degrees of this interconnectedness to the point of unity consciousness.
  10. Transformation in hypnotherapy is promoted by transcending our sense of separateness and cultivating a sense of interconnection and oneness.

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30/07/2019 7:41 am  


Thank you for the explanation Jevon and this is certainly an area I would like to explore further. 



  1. Exploring the value of transpersonal perspectives in coaching or therapy.
  2. Investigating the usefulness of transpersonal interventions in coaching or therapy.
  3. Engaging in conversations to inspire and motivate a transpersonal vision among coaches and therapists.
  4. Introducing and discussing transpersonal models and processes that can be applied in coaching or therapy.
  5. Sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and resources that are useful to transpersonal coaches or therapists.


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