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The True Nature of ...

The True Nature of Reality  


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Joined: 12 months ago
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30/05/2019 3:26 pm  

What is the true nature of reality?

I don’t think many know but you know what it’s quite simple really it’s the discovery of the self and the integration of this discovery with the discovery of the true nature of the world and its reality around us.

Then it’s the integration of this knowledge that’s important for the evolution of our collective consciousness.

True nature by its very definition is the truth about who you are and what this life or world is all about.

It’s Metaphysics the study of life and what it’s all about.

How come we as a race have become so preoccupied with the ridiculously mundane other aspects of this word. The internet, computers, information technology, social media, passports, identification, hierarchies, family trees, ties and inheritance of conditioned pretences and idiosyncrasies.

Our intellect has run away with us and is evolving far faster than the rest of our being and it’s not natural.

Don’t get me wrong the intellect is important but it’s important as a follow to the intuitive self not as the director.

Its function is to allow us to experience that which we are meant to experience as dictated and directed by the inner self or true essence of our natural being. Somewhere along the line though it took over and like a spoilt child has run away with things.

It’s time we reverted back to the true nature of who we are by checking in with the intellectual soul that is our true essence and not the intellectual ego which is our false sense.

My God when we actually stop to ponder, to look internally or appreciate the majesty of our external world we get a glimpse of the true nature of reality both us and the world we co create around us.

It’s just that we’ve lost the focus and the ability to refocus disregarding all those aspects that in the past brought us back in line.

It’s like a teenager who knows the right path but yet goes away from it just because of a need to copper fasten a sense of individual identity. It’s funny the teenager themselves if you got them at a vulnerable juncture would admit that they are being totally unreasonable and don’t really understand why they are rebelling but yet they do.

We as a race are like that going through the teenage phase, rebelling even though we don’t know why we are rebelling, and acting in a way that we know isn’t conducive to a greater reality for ourselves,

So why do we do it? It’s an evolutionary shift. You know how a teenager has to really go to the edge before they admit having experienced this position that its truly not them, or authentic, or in line with who or what they want to become. Yet they have to go to the outer limits in order for it to become apparent it’s as if they have to allow the wind to blow until it’s blown itself out.

Well that’s the same with us now as a race but we are coming to a close on it everything is escalating at a frantic pace and its only when we take a pause – usually when something bad happens that we stop and realise the true nature and magnificence of our nature and the true nature of our existence and the world around us.

Soon we will reach that juncture but unfortunately just like us personally where we need a major event or breakthrough or incident to jolt us into reality the external greater conscious reality that is being determined and experienced by the collective human race is also going to experience a jolt if we don’t naturally come to the realisation.

So that’s why there are so many philosophers, spiritual teachers etc. emerging. It’s to hopefully get to what Deepak Chopra calls a critical mass coming to the same realisation altogether of the true nature of reality of the self, the collective and the external material world of form around us.

Hopefully as we open and awaken there will not be a need for the dramatic shift in our perspective and evolution. It would be really great if we had this shift consciously by choice as opposed to by forced recognition.

Then we could realise the true nature of reality and live the life we were meant to live in the world that we were meant to co create and live in.

Now wouldn’t that be great?

Member Moderator
Joined: 2 years ago
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04/06/2019 6:22 pm  

Yes, Ronan, wouldn't that be great? 

Here's what I wonder about our perception of reality. Shouldn't it have its roots in the mystical or spiritual but feet in everyday mundane life?

Put another way, if we are blessed enough to gain insights into reality, or have out of ordinary experiences that give us glimpses beyond daily life, how do we give them meaning in our lives?

How do we integrate experiences? To me, that's the challenge to transpersonal coaching. 



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