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Dealing with anxiet...

Dealing with anxiety  


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10/08/2018 5:05 pm  

Does anyone have any experience in dealing with clients who suffer from extreme anxiety? It seems to be so common and is, from what I see, experienced in a number of different ways.  I work with a young boy of 14  who has spontaneous bouts of anxiety attacks that arrive at any moment - he cant feel them coming on and doesnt relate them to anything. I heard him talk about it in April and showed him some EFT tapping excerises, which he said helped him alot. Then I witnessed an attack last weekend and felt rather inadequate. Afterwards I asked him a few questions (so that I could understand more) but boys of 14 dont give out much info. I know he has had an extremely traumatic early childhod and is dealing with other big issues that most teenagers dont have to deal with. I would really like to understand more so that I can be a helpful mentor. This boy has such potential to shine, hes amazing. Any tips, suggestions, stories? I would be so greatful to learn more.

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10/08/2018 6:48 pm  

Hello Jessica, 

You're right, anxiety is probably one of the most common health issues, and yet one of the most misunderstood, missed, ignored and mismanaged.

Your example helped me consider a number of things. Anxiety manifests in different ways. Sometimes it's like a thief in the dark, stealing our energy undetected bit by bit. Sometimes we know of it but become tame to it and it simmers in the background, steaming up the way we see the world and keeping us continually on the edge. And then, there are the dramatic incidents where it boils over and the fire erupts.

I think all of us would feel inadequate in the incident you describe. When anxiety has reached the point of eruption, there's little we can do in that acute stage except containment and holding a calm space for our client in which we don't get triggered (because, have you noticed how infectious it is?).

What is probably more effective in the medium and longer term is to lower the baseline anxiety level - turning down the heat to further below boiling point. This is where teaching a regular practice of Open Awareness is very useful. Calling upon OA at the point of eruption is very difficult if you aren't already familiar with it.

If we have clients that are prone to panic attacks,we can also use revivification of past events in the OA practice sessions, while skilfully layering in some resource anchors and reframing those hidden triggers.

This is an important discussion, thank you!

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