IACTM Advertising Rates, Terms & Restrictions

We accept suitable advertising in the 3 sections of IACTM’s Freebies area.

By purchasing any of the following advertisement sizes, your ad will be placed on all 3 pages constituting this website’s Freebies area. Our advertising rates, terms and restrictions are outlined below:

Advertising Rates:

IACTM Accredited coaches, therapists, mentors and trainers get 80% discount off the standard rates.

Standard Rates.
Ad Size Single month Three months Six months
125 x 125 pixels $ 30 $ 80 $ 140
200 x 125 pixels $ 40 $ 100 $ 180
510 x 125 pixels $ 50 $ 120 $ 220

Advertising Terms:

  • Advertising production available at an additional charge.
  • Please note that this advertising contract is not final until the company/person who wishes to advertise has authorized IACTM to place their ad on www.iactm.org and IACTM has reviewed the ad and determined if appropriate space is available to meet the request.
  • Ads may not include unnecessary capitalization (such as ‘FREE’). Acronyms may be capitalized.
  • Symbols may not be used to substitute for letters (e.g., “$ave” instead of “save”).
  • All advertising is subject to IACTM’s approval and IACTM reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement or space reservation at any time, with or without notice to the advertiser or advertising agency, and whether or not such advertising was previously acknowledged, accepted, or published.
  • Acceptance of the advertisement by IACTM shall in no way constitute endorsement or recommendation by IACTM for the contents of the advertisement or the product or service advertised.

Advertising Restrictions:

Advertising on the IACTM website is available to anyone, but IACTM reserves the right to refuse advertisements based on conflict of interest and irrelevance to the coaching, therapy and mentoring professions.

IACTM does not permit the following types of actions for advertisers:

  • Blind downloads (cloaking software in other downloads)
  • Browser manipulation (altering customary settings so user cannot regain control)
  • Keystroke tracking (monitoring a consumer’s keystrokes to obtain passwords, identification)
  • Unclear origin of ads (hiding or obscuring the source of an ad, web page or email)

By placing your advertisement on the IACTM website, you agree to all the terms and restrictions above.

Advertisements can generally be posted within 2 business days.

Contact us if you are interested in advertising on this website.