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How is expanding one’s self-concept and opening one’s mode of perception facilitated?  


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12/06/2017 11:05 am  

The fifth TCTN presupposition is: "Expanding one’s self-concept and opening one’s mode of perception can be generative and transformative."

If this presupposition applies to both transpersonal coaching and therapy, how is it facilitated in both areas?

Member Moderator
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22/06/2017 1:16 pm  

If an open awareness is the experience of a state that includes the perception of self but is beyond the self, your question is an important and grounded one. In a way, to answer it we need to experience that state for ourselves and work backwards. Almost like a form of reverse engineering.

For example, if in that expanded experience we know we have an increased perceptual awareness as part of the state, perhaps  we could have initiated it by starting with a mindful awareness of the sense of sound, vision and touch and let the awareness move outwards. Or if interconnectedness with other beings is one of the possible end experiences, perhaps a guided process that folds around others close to us could stimulate this shift in awareness. 

What other aspects of the expanded state are there that we could utilise in that way?

Does this imply that we can't fully facilitate this state as coaches/therapists unless we experience it ourselves?

How can we let our experience of the transpersonal state guide the formulation of facilitation techniques and tools?




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